The 7 most in-demand tech skills for freelancers—many pay more than $125 an hour

Tech companies have been making headlines for mass layoffs of late. Google, Microsoft and Amazon all announced they’d be letting go of tens of thousands altogether and Twitter and Meta both announced layoffs in the fall. But demand for tech skills remains high. “The skills gap is still sharp, it’s still a significant gap,” says … Read more

The biggest risks in putting off iPhone and Android software updates

That screen-blocking software update notification that keeps coming back may be annoying to a phone user, but ignoring it for too long is a mistake. Many consumers opt to not have phones set to automatic update. Once the day begins, these notifications can pop up at inconvenient and distracted times — while you’re rushing to … Read more

Everyone’s talking about the new tipping culture — here’s what money experts say

Just last week, a CBS News article asked the question many Americans confined to murmurs within their inner circles: “Are tip requests getting out of hand?” While the pandemic brought about a new tipping culture to support service workers and businesses early on, there seems to be a more notable shift with the emergence of … Read more

CEO of Hilton says a Porsche was the dumbest thing he ever bought: ‘I spent all my money on that stupid car’

Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta says selling his black Porsche 944 was the best financial decision he ever made. That’s because buying it in the first place was his worst. He was in his 20s and fresh off a breakup when he saw the sleek model in a used car lot near his home in Arlington, … Read more

The top 15 most affordable U.S. cities for people who want to live alone

There aren’t many big cities where rent is cheap, even for a studio apartment. But if you’re single and don’t like roommates, online brokerage RentHop found the 15 U.S. cities where rent is most affordable. Out of 50 of the most populous cities, the following were ranked highest for affordability, as measured by median studio … Read more

Here’s our February rapid-fire update on all 34 stocks in Jim Cramer’s Investing Club portfolio

Here’s a rapid-fire update on all 34 stocks in Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust, the holdings we manage in the CNBC Investing Club. Jim and Club portfolio director Jeff Marks ran through each one of them on Saturday during our special February “Monthly Meeting,” live from Miami. Source link

Top Wall Street analysts find these stocks compelling

Jim Umpleby, CEO of Caterpillar Inc. Adam Jeffery | CNBC During these challenging times, making informed decisions with a long-term view is vital for investors. Here are five stocks chosen by Wall Street’s top analysts, according to TipRanks, a platform that ranks analysts based on their track records. Advanced Micro Devices related investing news Semiconductor … Read more

Investors have tough choices now with yields for money market funds on the rise

The ” Fast Money ” traders are looking to capitalize on the rising yields in money market funds and dividend-paying stocks. The largest taxable money market funds, as ranked on Crane Data’s 100 list, are yielding an average 4.18% as of Feb. 2 — returns not seen since the financial crisis. It comes as quality … Read more

These stocks owned by Warren Buffett are poised for big gains, according to Wall Street analysts

To navigate the tricky market in the new year, investors could benefit from studying the equity portfolio of none other than Berkshire Hathaway ‘s Warren Buffett — especially the stocks he owns that Wall Street analysts also like. CNBC looked for high-conviction names held in Buffett’s stock portfolio through the end of September, according to … Read more

Amid food inflation, more shoppers turn to dollar stores for groceries

A man looks at frozen foods for sale at a Dollar Store in Alhambra, California on August 23, 2022. Frederic J. Brown | AFP | Getty Images Among all rising costs, sky-high grocery bills have been especially painful. Although the consumer price index, an inflation gauge that measures the cost of a broad basket of goods … Read more