TikTok-based HR conversations are coming for a new generation of workers

Wagnerokasaki | Istock | Getty Images The start of the new year hasn’t alleviated any of the issues that plagued human resources professionals throughout 2022. Challenges surrounding quiet quitting, overall unhappiness, lower productivity, burnout, discontent with compensation, and layoff fears abound. But among the potential solutions that might offer some relief: TikTok. Over the past … Read more

Inside the ‘Wormhole,’ Relativity Space’s monster factory 3D-printing reusable rockets

The exterior of “The Wormhole” factory. Relativity Space LONG BEACH, California – It was a few days into the new year yet Relativity Space’s factory was anything but quiet, a din of activity with massive 3D printers humming and the clanging of construction ringing out. Now about eight years on from its founding, Relativity continues … Read more

8 tips for staying positive during SAD season, from a psychiatrist

Experiencing less daylight in the winter months, like February, can make you feel, well, kind of sad — and I don’t just mean the feeling.  As we near the end of October, we approach what is commonly referred to as SAD season, a time when seasonal affective disorder (SAD) impacts many, according to Anisha Patel-Dunn, … Read more

27-year-old pays $1,850/month to live in an old NYC laundromat: ‘I knew true community as a child and I know it again now’

While Sampson Dahl’s ex-girlfriend thought the old laundromat he was considering as a potential new apartment was “disgusting,” he saw the potential for a great live-work space. He moved in a month later. “I don’t think a space needs to be a perfect representation of what we hope a simple mind looks like,” Dahl tells … Read more

I raised 2 successful CEOs and a doctor. Here’s my No. 1 problem with ‘helicopter parenting’—and why it doesn’t work

A lot of parents today think the best way to educate kids is to be in total control. This is the foundation of “helicopter parenting,” a very involved parenting style in which kids have little or no control of their daily activities. Studies have indicated that kids with helicopter parents who have high expectations for … Read more

How the end of Netflix password sharing will change the way families watch, especially the ones with college-age children

Nurphoto | Nurphoto | Getty Images Is sharing a Netflix password cybercrime? It will soon become, mostly, a thing of the past if the world’s largest streaming service has its way. After experimenting with a plan to crack down on password sharing in Latin America, Netflix will launch the U.S. version of this subscription identification … Read more

These are 5 scams to watch out for in 2023, according to a consumer protection expert

As financial technology protections become more sophisticated, so are fraudsters’ methods to scam you out of your money. Scams can wreck their victims’ finances, credit scores, and emotions. Maybe the scariest part of scams is how common they are. For instance, in 2022 Americans reportedly lost almost $40 billion dollars to phone scams alone.  If … Read more

U.S. plans to stop buying Covid shots for the public this fall. Here’s what that means

A pharmacist delivers a COVID-19 booster dose at a Chicago CVS store in October. Antonio Perez | Tribune News Service | Getty Images The U.S. will stop buying Covid shots at reduced price for the entire country and shift vaccine distribution to the private market as soon as early fall, shifting the cost to U.S. … Read more

Crypto investors lost nearly $4 billion to hackers in 2022

Last year marked the worst year on record for cryptocurrency hacks, according to Chainalysis’ latest analysis. Cryptocurrency hackers stole $3.8 billion in 2022, according to the blockchain analytics firm’s report — up from $3.3 billion in 2021. October had the most crypto hacks in a single month with $775.7 million stolen in 32 separate attacks, … Read more

One of Jeff Bezos’ secrets to success: The boss should always talk last in meetings

If you ever find yourself taking a meeting with Jeff Bezos, don’t expect the billionaire Amazon founder to speak first. Before Bezos stepped down as Amazon’s CEO in 2021, he made a practice of letting his employees speak first. Now, his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez — the founder of Santa Monica, California-based aerial filming company Black … Read more