Meet a 35-year-old teaching tech skills to low-income youth through video games

As tech talent remains in high demand, Damon Packwood, founder and executive director of Gameheads, a nonprofit teaching tech and video game design skills, is making sure that underserved youth has the tools necessary to get jobs in the field. From a “working-class, low-income community” in San Francisco, Packwood, 35, worked hard to become the … Read more

Schools want to close the Covid learning gap before federal funds run out — here’s how it’s going

During the coronavirus pandemic, child reading and math competency rates plummeted across the country. The National Assessment of Educational Progress found two decades of improvements were wiped away. The declines were widespread, but were most pronounced among the students who had already been struggling well before 2020. In a race to overcome the Covid-19 learning … Read more

Parenting experts: 12 signs your kid has a ‘highly sensitive’ brain—and why neuroscientists say it’s an ‘advantage’

Without meaning to, parents can have a way of making children feel as if something is wrong with them. As parenting researchers, we’ve seen this happen often with highly sensitive kids. Many parents see sensitivity as a bad trait — that it makes us look overwhelmed, passive, or even weak — and discourage it with … Read more

College is still worth it, research finds — although students are growing skeptical

Ben Kirkhoff, a high school senior at Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, Minnesota, knows that a four-year college degree isn’t for him. Even though his parents have a college savings account for him, he said money is still a factor. “I don’t want to put myself and my family in a lot of debt.” Instead, Kirkhoff, … Read more

India says its infrastructure boost could create much-needed jobs. Economists aren’t so sure

High unemployment remains a challenge for India, and has been one of the biggest criticisms of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images India is pumping up its infrastructure spending, a move the government says will create much-needed jobs.  At the annual budget announcement in February, the finance ministry said … Read more

Supreme Court questions Biden administration lawyer on legality of student loan relief that would affect 40 million borrowers

People rally in support of the Biden administration’s student debt relief plan in front of the the U.S. Supreme Court on February 28, 2023 in Washington, DC. Drew Angerer | Getty Images The Supreme Court began hearing arguments Tuesday morning in the first of two cases challenging the Biden administration’s plan to forgive an estimated … Read more

As the Supreme Court weighs in on Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, here’s a look back at how we got here

A Jan. 2, 2023 protest in favor of federal student loan relief outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. Larry French | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images A shifting financial burden These days, tuition accounts for about half of public college revenue, while state and local governments provide the other half. But a … Read more

Supreme Court sleepover: Student loan borrowers praise Biden forgiveness plan

Student loan borrowers gathered at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., the evening before the court hears two cases on the White House student loan relief plan. Jemal Countess | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images On the night before the Supreme Court was set to hear oral arguments over the Biden administration’s student loan … Read more

A child psychologist shares 5 signs you’ve raised a ‘highly spoiled’ kid—and how parents can ‘undo’ it

Are you raising a highly spoiled kid? The first step is to identify the signs of a spoiled child. Here are the most common red flags: Not taking “no” for an answer: Your kid expects to get things their way and usually does. In fact, they’re the ones constantly telling you “no.” Being more into … Read more

Biden administration is making a big change to student loan repayment. What borrowers need to know

Pablo Rasero | Istock | Getty Images What is the new plan called? The new option would change one of the four current income-driven repayment plans that limit borrowers’ bills at a share of their discretionary income. Instead of paying 10% of their discretionary income a month on the Revised Pay As You Earn Repayment, … Read more