Meet a 35-year-old teaching tech skills to low-income youth through video games

As tech talent remains in high demand, Damon Packwood, founder and executive director of Gameheads, a nonprofit teaching tech and video game design skills, is making sure that underserved youth has the tools necessary to get jobs in the field. From a “working-class, low-income community” in San Francisco, Packwood, 35, worked hard to become the … Read more

Career expert Suzy Welch: Use these tips to recession-proof your job and avoid getting laid off

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Eggs are a $10 billion ‘low-margin industry,’ says analyst. Here’s who profits

Egg prices rose 60% in 2022: Consumers paid $4.30 on average in December for a dozen eggs compared to $1.80 a year earlier. But who’s profiting from that price difference? It’s a complicated answer. “Everyone tries to make money, but … it’s a very low-margin industry,” said Angel Rubio, senior analyst at Urner Barry, a … Read more

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Here’s how this entrepreneur built his $3 million business buying cars at auctions

Craig Stowell loves what he does for a living. He gets to follow his passion and go car shopping as a profession. Stowell owns Flying Wheels, a car dealership in Danville, New Hampshire. The business, which is valued at an estimated $3 million, buys about 80% of its cars at auctions around the country. For … Read more