25-year-old ‘Shark Tank’ contestant sold ice cream from a roadside tent—now he has a $200,000 deal with Barbara Corcoran

When Jeremy Carlson was a college freshman, he started selling ice cream cones from a tent by the side of the road. These weren’t normal cones: Unlike the normal wafers, Carlson rotisserie-grilled his dough to create fluffy, soft cones. The cooking style, which he discovered during a mission trip to the Czech Republic, ultimately led … Read more

Meet a 35-year-old teaching tech skills to low-income youth through video games

As tech talent remains in high demand, Damon Packwood, founder and executive director of Gameheads, a nonprofit teaching tech and video game design skills, is making sure that underserved youth has the tools necessary to get jobs in the field. From a “working-class, low-income community” in San Francisco, Packwood, 35, worked hard to become the … Read more

NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo doesn’t look at his MVP trophies: ‘Why I’m here is because I’m desperate’

Giannis Antetokounmpo isn’t comfortable resting on his laurels as one of the most remarkable success stories in the NBA. The 28-year-old superstar grew up poor in Athens, selling watches and handbags to help put food on the table for his family. Now, with two MVP awards, an NBA championship and a $228 million contract under … Read more

Twitter’s major security change is just days away: Follow these steps to secure your account

If you haven’t updated the security settings on your Twitter account yet, the clock is ticking. Elon Musk’s social network announced last month that it’s going to take away access to SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) from users who don’t pay for the company’s $8-per-month Twitter Blue subscription. Users who have 2FA set up have until … Read more

WeWork reaches deal to convert $1 billion of SoftBank’s debt to equity

A WeWork logo is seen at a WeWork office in San Francisco, September 30, 2019. Kate Munsch | Reuters WeWork Inc said on Friday it had reached a deal to convert about $1 billion of key investor SoftBank Group Corp’s unsecured notes into equity, in an effort to restructure its finances. Shares of the company rose 2.2% … Read more

How these 3 sisters grew up to become highly successful CEOs and a doctor: ‘It’s helpful to realize the world is often wrong’

Believing in yourself has immeasurable value, says Anne Wojcicki. As the 49-year-old CEO and co-founder of 23andMe, she’d know. Her company created the first personal genetic test with FDA authorization to send genetic variant information directly to consumers, and it boasts a $1.06 billion market cap today — but when she launched it back in … Read more

42-year-old started by turning Instagram photos into phone cases—now, his company brings in $300 million a year

Inspiration struck Wesley Ng as he scrolled Instagram in 2011. People were sharing photos online from their phones. Why not give them the ability to put those photos on their phone cases? That concept was the genesis of Casetify, the Hong Kong-based tech accessories brand launched 12 years ago by Ng and co-founder Ronald Yeung. … Read more

New bill in Congress would give U.S. teachers a $60,000 minimum wage—these 5 states currently pay teachers best

If you were looking for a high-paying career when planning your future, you probably crossed “teacher” off the list. Teachers are notoriously underpaid in the U.S. with a median annual salary of just over $61,000 a year, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data.  Low salaries and high stress are two of the … Read more

The New York Yankees are worth $6 billion, but players still need to pay $9 for Wi-Fi on team flights

The New York Yankees are worth $6 billion, enough to make them the fourth most valuable team in the world. They play in a $2.3 billion stadium and are entering the 2023 season with a payroll of roughly $270 million. Despite all of that, they are one of the only teams in Major League Baseball … Read more

This CEO halved her personal savings to meet payroll after SVB collapse: ‘I don’t really know yet what the repercussions will be’

On Saturday, Lauren Schulte Wang and her husband, Panpan, got in the car with their 7-month-old and 2-year-old children and drove to the bank. They withdrew half of the money in their personal savings account, and deposited it into a brand-new account set up last Friday. It was the only way to guarantee their 30 … Read more