Successful parents just need to be ‘good enough,’ these child psychologists say: Here’s what that means

When Lauren B. Quetsch and Tim Cavell were batting around potential titles for their recently released book, Quetsch suggested “I Love My Kids, But ….” Both Quetsch and Cavell are psychology professors at the University of Arkansas who specialize in child psychology. The title was written off as “too negative,” Quetsch said, and they eventually … Read more

Child psychologist: The 6 most ‘extraordinary’ types of kids—and how parents can raise them to be successful

Every parent is capable of raising happy, healthy and emotionally grounded kids. But many struggle along the way. In my two decades of experience as a child psychologist, I’ve found that when parents aren’t attuned to their child’s temperament and unique traits, they fail to honor and celebrate their kid’s authentic self. There are six … Read more

Biden’s budget pushes to renew bigger child tax credit payments for families

Parents and children participate in a demonstration organized by the ParentsTogether Foundation in support of the child tax credit portion of the Build Back Better bill outside of the U.S. Capitol on Dec. 13, 2021. Sarah Silbiger | Bloomberg | Getty Images President Joe Biden’s proposed budget for fiscal 2024 includes a host of proposals … Read more

Michelle Obama is ‘on the other side of parenting’—here’s what she’s learned

Michelle Obama loves being in 50s. On her new podcast The Light Podcast, the former First Lady talked with Today Show host Hoda Kotb about why she is enjoying this phase of her life so much.  “I didn’t feel like I came into my own until I was in my 50s,” Obama, who is 58, … Read more

These are 5 of the world’s best countries for working parents — and the U.S. isn’t on the list

Working parents need all of the help they can get. Some countries are better at providing it than others. Iceland, for example, is one of the best countries in the world for working parents, according to a new report from Bloomberg, which looks at how nations’ policies affect the quality and affordability of child care … Read more

Parenting experts: 12 signs your kid has a ‘highly sensitive’ brain—and why neuroscientists say it’s an ‘advantage’

Without meaning to, parents can have a way of making children feel as if something is wrong with them. As parenting researchers, we’ve seen this happen often with highly sensitive kids. Many parents see sensitivity as a bad trait — that it makes us look overwhelmed, passive, or even weak — and discourage it with … Read more

66% of working parents suffer from burnout—here’s how to manage that ‘spillover,’ says Stanford sociologist

For busy working parents, it’s next to impossible to avoid bringing the stresses of work home at the end of the day. In fact, it’s such a common phenomenon that there’s a technical term for it: “Work-family spillover.” And learning how to manage it is crucial, because it helps keep you from passing your own … Read more

Stanford sociologist on how to succeed at work while raising young kids: ‘It’s not about being a perfect parent’

Balancing a full-time job with raising young children is a challenge — leading some burned out parents to fully put their careers on hold. The struggle of “parental exhaustion” has only gotten harder since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for current parents of toddlers, says Dr. Marianne Cooper, a Stanford University sociologist who … Read more

This 26-year-old pays $0 to live in a ‘luxury tiny home’ she built for $35,000 in her backyard—take a look inside

In 2019, I bought a three-bedroom, 1,400-square-feet house in Atlanta, Georgia for $196,000. I figured I could earn extra income by renting out the spare rooms on Airbnb, especially since I traveled a lot for work and was rarely home. Unfortunately, the bookings dried up in 2020. No one wanted to share a house with … Read more

A child psychologist shares 5 signs you’ve raised a ‘highly spoiled’ kid—and how parents can ‘undo’ it

Are you raising a highly spoiled kid? The first step is to identify the signs of a spoiled child. Here are the most common red flags: Not taking “no” for an answer: Your kid expects to get things their way and usually does. In fact, they’re the ones constantly telling you “no.” Being more into … Read more