Are you ‘The Achiever’ or ‘The Enthusiast’? Why so many people—including your boss—are obsessed with the Enneagram test

The Enneagram, to its subscribers and skeptics, is different from other personality tests.  Unlike attachment theory, which was founded by psychologist and psychiatrist John Bowlby in the mid-20th century, or even the less science-driven 5 Love Languages, created by a pastor who conducted decades of couples counseling, the Enneagram test has murky origins that are … Read more

Successful parents just need to be ‘good enough,’ these child psychologists say: Here’s what that means

When Lauren B. Quetsch and Tim Cavell were batting around potential titles for their recently released book, Quetsch suggested “I Love My Kids, But ….” Both Quetsch and Cavell are psychology professors at the University of Arkansas who specialize in child psychology. The title was written off as “too negative,” Quetsch said, and they eventually … Read more

Child psychologist: The 6 most ‘extraordinary’ types of kids—and how parents can raise them to be successful

Every parent is capable of raising happy, healthy and emotionally grounded kids. But many struggle along the way. In my two decades of experience as a child psychologist, I’ve found that when parents aren’t attuned to their child’s temperament and unique traits, they fail to honor and celebrate their kid’s authentic self. There are six … Read more

Early retiree says reading these 8 books helped him save $1 million: ‘I wasn’t born into money’

1. “The Millionaire Next Door: Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy” By Dr. Thomas Stanley The late Thomas Stanley collected years of data about millionaire lifestyles. He found that they don’t all inherit their wealth or own mansions. Instead, they live modestly while accumulating their wealth. This book was originally published in 1996, but the basic … Read more

These 11 phrases make people ‘respect you less,’ says expert who worked with clients at Google and Facebook

As a public speaking expert, I’ve spent over a decade working with executives and leaders from major companies like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. My advice to them is always: Less is more. Being too wordy dilutes your message and presence. Instead of using weak filler words, silence is sometimes best; it allows you to pause … Read more

Parenting experts: 12 signs your kid has a ‘highly sensitive’ brain—and why neuroscientists say it’s an ‘advantage’

Without meaning to, parents can have a way of making children feel as if something is wrong with them. As parenting researchers, we’ve seen this happen often with highly sensitive kids. Many parents see sensitivity as a bad trait — that it makes us look overwhelmed, passive, or even weak — and discourage it with … Read more

The more attractive a person thinks they are, the less likely they are to mask, new study finds

Deciding if and when to wear a mask used to depend on how safe, or unsafe, a person felt in certain settings; but for some people, it might actually boil down to how attractive they think they are, according to a recent study. In a survey of 1,030 people, participants were asked to “self-evaluate their … Read more

Here’s why American men die younger than women on average and how to fix it

Men die younger than women in the United States, on average. American women had a life expectancy of 79 years in 2021, compared with men’s, which was only about 73, according to CDC data. “As long as records have been kept in all countries, women have lived longer than men,” said Amelia Karraker, a program … Read more

3 tips for rejecting someone with kindness, from a Harvard-trained psychologist—avoidance ‘might hurt them worse’

If you’re dodging calls, unenthusiastically hearting texts, or feel a general sense of dread when a person’s name pops up on your phone, it might be time to pull the plug on that relationship.  And while no one likes to be rejected, there are ways to cut the chord that are less inflammatory than others.  … Read more

A child psychologist shares 5 signs you’ve raised a ‘highly spoiled’ kid—and how parents can ‘undo’ it

Are you raising a highly spoiled kid? The first step is to identify the signs of a spoiled child. Here are the most common red flags: Not taking “no” for an answer: Your kid expects to get things their way and usually does. In fact, they’re the ones constantly telling you “no.” Being more into … Read more