‘Be mindful of your risk’: Money manager tackles Silicon Valley Bank fallout on ETFs

There’s speculation the Silicon Valley Bank collapse could expose problems lurking in ETFs tied to specific sectors. Astoria Portfolio Advisors CIO John Davi has financials topping his watch list. “You need to be mindful of your risk,’” Davi, who runs the AXS Astoria Inflation Sensitive ETF, told CNBC’s “ETF Edge” this week. The fund is … Read more

41% of adults are preparing for a recession. It’s time to stress-test your income, advisors say

With expectations for a recession already in the forecast for 2023, the recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have further stoked fears that an economic downturn could be on the horizon. But it remains to be seen when a recession — defined as two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product growth … Read more

‘Big Short’ trader Danny Moses warns Silicon Valley Bank collapse will expose more trouble

“Big Short” investor Danny Moses said the Silicon Valley Bank collapse is exacerbating the economic slowdown despite the government’s actions to mitigate the impact. “You can’t assume that the regulators have any idea what they’re actually dealing with now considering that they were completely caught off guard… by what just happened at Silicon Valley Bank,” … Read more

‘Stress like 1987’: Evercore’s Julian Emanuel warns Silicon Valley Bank fallout could force new market low

Evercore ISI is comparing the bank stress to another critical time on Wall Street: The year of the savings and loan crisis and epic crash. “To think you would see financial stress of this kind develop in the system 24 hours after [Fed] chair Powell suggested he may go 50 [basis points] on the 22nd, … Read more

Two bond ETF strategies that may help investors profit from rate hikes

Interest rate jitters are meaningfully pushing investors to the shorter end of the yield curve, according to Joanna Gallegos, co-founder of fixed-income ETF issuer BondBloxx. Gallegos, former head of global ETF strategy for JPMorgan, believes it’s a sound approach. “It’s an intuitive trade. This is not 2022. This is not even five years ago. Yields … Read more

Retirement security is up for single women, down for their married counterparts, study shows

Willie B. Thomas/Hinterhouse Productions | Getty Images When it comes to retirement security for women, marriage may not give them the leg up it once did. Women who have spent the majority of their adult life single — whether due to divorce or never marrying — are now generally as well prepared for retirement as … Read more

‘Cash is no longer trash’: Market forecaster Jim Bianco warns stocks face stiff competition

Traditional savings accounts are going up against stocks. And, the winner may be your neighborhood bank for the first time in years, according to Wall Street forecaster Jim Bianco. He contends rising interest rates are giving investors safer ways to generate income. “Cash is no longer trash. That was a two-decade old meme that doesn’t … Read more

Ed Yardeni sees four economic outcomes, with one being the most likely

The economy faces four potential outcomes, with the most optimistic also being the most likely, according to market veteran Ed Yardeni. Faced with elevated inflation , weak corporate profits and rising interest rates, the U.S. is still in a good position — 40% probability — to manage a “soft landing,” in which GDP nudges higher, … Read more

Time for a change? Shifting away from this popular ETF strategy may benefit investors

With Wall Street jitters increasing over the number of interest rate hikes ahead, VettaFi’s Todd Rosenbluth sees signs of a comeback in managed fixed-income exchange-traded funds. “It’s not clear how fast the Fed is going to slow down and how quickly that that’s going to adjust the marketplace,” the firm’s head of research told CNBC’s … Read more

A recession could be ‘deeper than expected’ this year, says analyst—here’s what it means for your money

If you follow financial headlines, you’ve likely seen “recession” cropping up enough times to believe the economy is already in one. By the traditional definition — two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth — the U.S. hasn’t gotten there quite yet. Then again, you never know you’ve had a recession until it’s long past started, … Read more