Are you ‘The Achiever’ or ‘The Enthusiast’? Why so many people—including your boss—are obsessed with the Enneagram test

The Enneagram, to its subscribers and skeptics, is different from other personality tests.  Unlike attachment theory, which was founded by psychologist and psychiatrist John Bowlby in the mid-20th century, or even the less science-driven 5 Love Languages, created by a pastor who conducted decades of couples counseling, the Enneagram test has murky origins that are … Read more

Successful parents just need to be ‘good enough,’ these child psychologists say: Here’s what that means

When Lauren B. Quetsch and Tim Cavell were batting around potential titles for their recently released book, Quetsch suggested “I Love My Kids, But ….” Both Quetsch and Cavell are psychology professors at the University of Arkansas who specialize in child psychology. The title was written off as “too negative,” Quetsch said, and they eventually … Read more

How to use the 5 stages of change to break your bad habits, from the author of ‘The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control’

If you resolved to form a new habit — or break a bad one — this year, it’s likely you’ve already abandoned the task.  And it makes sense: habit-forming is hard and every time you slip up it feels like a personal failure.  You’re also setting yourself up for failure, says Katherine Morgan Schafler, a … Read more