Finland is the world’s happiest country. Now it’s giving away free trips to show travelers why

Finland has been named the happiest country in the world — again. The Nordic country topped the “World Happiness Report 2023,” published this week by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which measures factors such as income, mental and physical health and societal generosity. According to the report: “Finland continues to occupy the top … Read more

I tried 2 spa treatments that this luxury NYC hotel says will improve sleep—here’s how it went

You’re probably most familiar with Equinox for its luxury gyms — some people pay as much as $300 a month for access — but the fitness brand is looking for new ways to improve upon the health and wellness of its members and guests. This month, Equinox launched a program called The Art + Science … Read more

37-year-old switched careers and became a vegan dietitian to help save her life—’My own health was suffering’

In her early 20s, Catherine Perez was faced with developing health issues and decided to take the reins in her own life by shifting her lifestyle. “I already knew that my own health was suffering. I had high cholesterol, I was on the verge to get high blood pressure, and I knew that those things … Read more