Final Four, Duke vs UNC score 2022: Tar Heels retires Coach K, releases Blue Devils to play for NCAA championship

Duke Vs UNC score 2022, North Carolina won its second consecutive match against Duke, defeating its arch-rivals in their first NCAA Tournament.

North Carolina is gearing up for the national tournament against Kansas after defeating Duke 81-77 in 2022 Final Four final on Saturday night.

Duke Vs UNC score 2022, In doing so, Tar Heels finished off Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski with a defeat in coach K's 13th trip to the semi-finals.

The tournament - has been a huge success with 12 draws and 18 leading changes and both trading teams reached the top.

Why Duke went into the break 37-34 despite getting five minutes from center Mark Williams as he scored two quick errors, and despite North Carolina

In the second round, Duke Vs UNC score 2022, Caleb Love survived the Tar Heels, hitting a number of monster shots to keep North Carolina close

Duke was in search of Krzyzewski's sixth national tournament, Duke vs UNC score 2022, but the Tar Heels played pirates

The victory helped North Carolina win the series this year by Duke 2-1, with the Tar Heels going further to face Kansas